Sunday, September 28, 2014

#Vmfityear14 October Month Workout Plan: HALLOWEEN SLIMDOWN!

HELLO OCTOBER! Oh my goodness the months are flying by! How are YOU doing so far this year? Getting to your goals? Working hard? Or maybe not so hard? Well it's time to CHANGE that. Change for YOU. Do you have a goal that you envision yourself in? Why not put in the work to GET there! You have all the tools you need to get to where you want to be, you just need some self motivation to push yourself to get there. Remember, you only get the results from the work you put INTO yourself.
So why not start NOW. Get ready for this month's new plan,


[Random note: Hope you all are subscribed to my new YouTube Channel, where I'll be posting a bunch of videos of workouts in the gym, at home workouts where I workout WITH you, baking and cooking in the kitchen, as well as random vlogs and lifestyle tips!]

In this plan like in all the others you get:
  • full calendar of at home/gym workouts
  • progress pages
  • food log pages
  • grocery guide
  • chances to win:
All for $6.50!

Get ready for some HIGH INTENSITY workouts right here, full of jumping actions mixed with some light weights, to get that heart rate going and that fat BLASTING.
If you cannot perform some moves, like a burpee or mountain climbers, I have added a slight modification in there, but if you cannot do them AT ALL due to physical limitations, then this might not be the plan for you! But you can always try any of the other #Vmfityear14 Month Workouts to focus on building strength in the gym to jump start your journey!

So what are you waiting for?! You've got 1 month til the big Spooky Holiday, so grab your program, some light weights, and get to work! You'll be addicted to the sweat and the change you'll see.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

First YOUTUBE Video, Funfetti Mugcake, and a Tiramisu Recipe!

Hey everyone!
GUESS WHAT?! I just uploaded my first YouTube Video! It's my Intro to my Channel as well as a DELICIOUS and EASY Funfetti Mugcake Recipe! So please check out the video, like, and Subscribe to my channel! I'm aiming to put out like 2-3 videos a week of different things like:
  • Lifestyle Tips
  • Fitness Tips
  • Workouts in the Gym and at Home
  • Food/Baking/Cooking
  • Vlogs
  • ETC!
And I'm super super excited to get this journey going. I actually could not sleep last night because I was so happy hahah! :P I know I know, silly Josie. Anyways, keep reading below for the TIRAMISU recipe!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Vegas Olympia and Update!

I know.... I kinda suck at blogging right?

WELL Here I am giving you all an update on my life, a little rundown of the 2014 Olympia, working with the BEST Company out there, Quest Nutrition, and my plans for the future!
So this whole weekend can be summed up in one word: SURREAL.

I still can't believe that I got a chance to go to Vegas to help rep the best protein company out there, QUEST! #onaquest. It was such a blast meeting the whole Quest team, hearing their vision and goals for the future and for the company, and just seeing such HUMBLE people get together not just to make money or profit from selling products, but with the goal of making a positive CHANGE in people's LIVES from their products. They're not about selling the most or being all above others and mighty, but they genuinely want to make a positive healthy impact on people. They want to help stop obesity, help stop health-related diseases, eating disorders, self hate and body image disorders. They want people to know that they can live a healthier lifestyle, and that starts with what they put in their body. I can't even remember everything that was said this weekend, but basically, this company cares about PEOPLE. And I absolutely loved that.

Now to the Expo itself. It was a BLAST! I've been to the Arnold Expo in the past in Ohio, but never to work a booth, and I thought those were crowded and tight spaced and miserable at times, but the Olympia was surprisingly less crowded than I would have thought! Maybe it was bigger space in the convention center, or maybe it was because I was in the Quest booth the majority of time, which had tons of space for all of us to walk around. It was so much fun to meet all the people in line, actually get approached for pictures, definitely all a new experience for me and I could not have asked for a better weekend. By the end of Saturday we were just chucking Quest Bars at people's heads! So if you went, I hope you got yourself a bag stuffed with Quest Bars and Quest Chips! I'm pretty sure we gave away THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of products this weekend! And it's all for YOU. Quest doesn't get stingy on those samples as you can tell! :P
I really hope I get asked back to the next big expo and get to rep the amazingness that is Quest Nutrition again! <3

The PEOPLE though, that was probably my favorite part of the whole weekend. I got to meet @FreshFitNHealthy, or Sarah, from Instagram who I'd been chatting with a while before the expo, and we clicked INSTANTLY. Like, best friend status, in less than 48 hours. She's so sweet, down to earth, and adorable and probably like my tall Floridan twin if I ever had one.
I got to meet Clark Pagaduan, the man who's been my connect to Quest Nutrition for the LONGEST time. He's the absolute funniest and sweetest guy EVER! Also met Mike who works for Quest as well, but more with the Youtube side!

Then I got to finally meet Crystal @spoonfuloffit who I've been Instagramming with for like 2 years! We started off way back when the fitness community was small on IG, and we finally got to catch up! And she was such a doll! Other IGers that worked the booth were Kevin Fit Men Cook, Kim @pbeechie, Nicolette @njstramfam, Anthony The Fit Bald Man, Tony @tmpecus (who I already met at the past Arnold Expo), Alyse @bitesizedfitness, ...... and we all had such a good time! I also got to meet some other Instagrammers that weren't working the Quest Booth, like Sweet Mama Mel, the awesome twins @HealthNutLife and @CookEatLift, MelissaSarahWee all the way from Singapore, Timbahwolf the bada** flexible dieter, Kyla @theleanqueen, and SO SO SO MANY MORE that I can't simply post them all down. But I'll be posting random throw backs to the Olympia on my own Instagram page if ya want to see all the fun we had :)

Not to mention the completely new people that I got to meet! These fitness YouTubers were SUCH a fun group and I loved every second hanging out with them! Definitely check them all out:
Nikki Blacketter and her boo Christian Guzman
Maxx Chewning
Michael Kory
Tony Do
Matty Fusaro and his fiance Brittany!

Actually, their YouTube accounts inspired ME. [Here's the UPDATE :P ]

Yup, I want to make my own FOR REAL YouTube account. I know I kind of/not really/[it sucked] YouTube videos in the past when I wanted to do vlogs on my bikini journey, but that kind of fell through. This time I'm going in 110%! I want to post workout videos, baking and cooking videos, random vlogs, how I'm living just a regular lifestyle, balanced and intuitive, help you all out who are struggling with any type of ED, and more. I feel like it'll be more interactive that way too! I'm going to post it all! My LIFE. And I hope you all enjoy it, because I know I'll enjoy making it!

That was my recap on the Olympia, the amazingness of Quest as a company, the great friends and long lasting relationships created, and my goals for the future!

<3 Josie