Saturday, February 16, 2013

Social Media GALORE, Week 3 Update, and Supps


Small update for you all!

Don't know if you noticed the new side bar of all my different social media, but YEAH! Check it out!
Now I have a:
BLOG, Instagram, Youtube account, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest!

Hmmm now all that's left is a facebook..... hehe just kidding I think the social media world may get sick of me soon enough!

Check out my new YOUTUBE VIDEO HERE about my updated supplements! This time I actually tell you why they're beneficial, so I hope it helps!! <3

And now for a little update:

Not yet where I want to be, but working hard every day to get there. 

Taking some progress pics for the coach @mrgeecue from Instagram this morning! Came across this quote and I love it. It all comes down to YOU and what YOU do behind the scenes when no ones watching. Will you grab that cookie? That cupcake or donut? Or will you say "NO, be proud of yourself, wake up tomorrow feeling ACCOMPLISHED, HAPPY, and STRONG that you resisted". Ill choose the latter please!! I could have easily eaten greasy fried tortilla chips at work yesterday, especially because I was in a bad mood about certain tables, but I told myself NO, what you do in private, will show on that stage. Do you want to regret all the things you could have NOT DONE while you're up on that stage in that Itty bitty bikini? NO! This applies to all of you too!!! Spring and summer is around the corner, full of beaches and half naked frolicking!! Do you want to regret all those things you did that cheated yourself of your goal? NO!! Not saying be strict and 100% pound town all the time, but don't set yourself back farther from your goals! KNOW WHAT YOU WANT, know WHAT YOU GOTTA DO TO GET IT, then, DO IT!! You got this #fitfam !!!

Gotta take some measurements now and all that jazz to see how much I've progressed [or if I haven't :O] over the last few weeks! Eek fingers crossed...

Once I get closer to my competition, I WILLLL share when and where it is, just in case you want to come out and support me! I would love to meet my wonderful supportive fit fam!!
I have a new plan now, more strict diet plan, and yesterday was the first day I adhered to it 100%!! SOOOOOO if every day for the next ____ weeks goes like yesterday, I should be seeing some AMAZING changes! AHHH wish me luck!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bikini Journey Update & Ravish Sands

Hey Everyone!

Sorry for being so MIA on the blog lately!
I know I said I'd be doing updates on my bikini competition journey, but it looks like I'll just be doing more updates vlog style on my YOUTUBE account! So head over there to see the random videos I'll post regarding bikini prep!

I had a rough 2nd week of prep, meals prepped weren't tasty or fun, therefor that lead me to cheat a lot on my diet, a lotttttt. But I'm determined to make this 3rd Week PERFECT. No messing up!


Ah this bikini journey is going to be a LOT tougher than I thought. I mean I knew it was going to be hard, thought I was prepared... Turns out haha I'M NOT! But you can never really prepare 100% mentally through these things! You just have to take it one day at a time!

Things I'm doing this week for a smoother 3rd week of comp prep:
  • don't buy anymore bread or peanut butter
  • prep tastier and more fun meals
  • prepare alllll foods
  • go to bed around 10-11, no staying up late = no late night munchies!
  • just say NO to the temptations
  • if the roomies have bad food, ignore it, remove yourself from the situation!
  • keep yourself BUSY - study, clean, do something to keep mind off temptations!
  • no more baking clean eating goodies - I'll eat the whole tray!
Ah that's all I can think of for now in how to stop self sabotaging my progress for this upcoming competition!

Another update!
I am now sponsored by the lovely RAVISHANDS SWIM WEAR Company! She makes the most BEAUTIFUL custom suits I've ever seen! Not just bikini competition suits either, also regular beach wear suits! Ahh to DIE FOR! They'll be making my suit for my competition EEKKKKK. It's going to look absolutely beautiful!
Check out her website if you're looking for your own competition suit or just a cute sexy suit to wear to the beach this spring/summer!

So fingers crossed my beautiful #fitfam that I stay strong, tough, and motivated this 3rd week!

My coach, Nate, or @mrgeecue on Instagram, or NapaFitPro on youtube, put it wonderfully:
"Imagine yourself in front of temptation.... I want you to feel empowered by the fact that you can resist."

That was just a perfect way of putting it, something I never realized, a new perspective and way of seeing things. I Loved it! AH and now I BELIEVE and hope that I can make it through these next few months!
Wish me luck!

Friday, February 1, 2013


  First Youtube video is UP!

  It's realllyyy nothing special, just a short little update and intro for the channel! BUT with my first youtube vid, that means it's UP AND RUNNINNNNN.

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