Sunday, April 21, 2013

Cutting/Leaning/Fat Loss OH MY! And Kickstarting My Healthy Lifestyle Journey.... Again

So a lot of you have asked me about:

Cutting / Leaning Out Stage

However, I feel these terms are more for bodybuilders or competitors. They usually follow bulks or off season with on season leaning out to get to very low body fat percentages for competitions! And they are veryyy strict with their diets and workout, which in my experience, when I did this, didn't turn out so well for me because I rebounded back to the beginning of my journey - same [if not more] weight, measurements, and body fat.

So instead I like to call it the

Fat Loss Stage

aka. the 

Healthy Lifestyle

I say the Healthy Lifestyle, because basically if you're living the healthy lifestyle:

Eating right, keeping consistent workouts, and being body, mind, and health conscious, 

you should be losing fat because you're not stuffing it with the usual processed nasty fatty foods!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Endless Cardio is NOT the Way! And Workouts for Fat Loss

"Cardio: the only way to lose fat!"

Like most people, at the beginning of my lifestyle journey I thought the only thing girls did in the gym was hop on a bike/treadmill/elliptical/cardio machine and go and go and go till they couldn't go no more! Oh how FALSE that is!

Did you know you're doing your body more HARM than good? Slowing down your metabolism, making it harder for your body to lose fat, and breaking down gorgeous muscle??!!? I know CRAZYYYY.

I wanted to post some wise words from a friend of mine, @Mrgeecue or Nate, from Instagram, and his thoughts on endless cardio.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Junk Food Confessions & The Maintainable Lifestyle Rules

So I uploaded a new YouTube video HERE on my Junk Food Confessions, based off of Jenna Marbles video HERE!
Hope to make you all feel a little less guilty about your slip ups! <3
And at the end I kinda babble about the lifestyle and binging.

Soooo here's just a short little list of things I'm incorporating into MY own lifestyle to make it comfortable and maintainable!
  • workout at least 4x a week
  • have a treat when needed, but savor the taste and never have more than you need
    • make sure your workout makes up for the treat
  • broaden social activities to keep busy
  • more family and friends time
  • eat clean 80-90% of the time
  • NO restricting [no no carbs, no fats, no protein, etc]
  • no starvation
  • eat when you're hungry, don't when you're not
  • make sure to learn "head hunger" from "stomach hunger" - are you just bored or actually hungry?
    • tips: drink water - then see if you're hungry
    • get yourself busy with an activity
      • if you're actually hungry, then eat!
  • compliment yourself at least 1x/day and love yourself
  • eat nutrient dense food over empty calories
    • ex: if you're eating a treat, instead of a pure bar of sugar, eat something with whole nuts in it for some dietary fats and protein

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

#OPERATIONBOOMBOOM Grow your Glutes Challenge!

I know it says arpil :[



Each week has exercises - end EACH day of that week with that number of the specified exercises!

So example:
Week 1 - 100 squats EACH day
Week 2 - 100 squats + total of 160 lunges with kickbacks EACH DAY
etc etc.

These can be bodyweight, or if you want to make it extra tough, go ahead and add some weight!
You can space them out (example: 20 squats 5 times a day, 50 two times, etc).

If you don’t know what the moves are, google them!!! And have 1 full rest day a week!

I already took my before pics! Excited to see if this does anything to this #pancakeasianbutt