My Name Is Josie Mai, Here's my story....

After being the small little girl with revving metabolism when I was a kid, to the "skinny fat" girl throughout middle to high school, I decided it was time for change. 

In May 2012, after I completed my first year of college and after a whole week or so of family reunion food,  I thought,
"Hey, if you're so unhappy, do something about it, make a change",
I picked up a book called "The Fat Flush Diet", which was basically a strict clean eating diet for 2 weeks in order to flush out and cleanse the liver with mainly protein and veggies and healthy fat of flax oil and 2 servings of fruit a day. Then after the first two weeks you slowly incorporate more carbs back in, and then switch to a lifestyle diet.
At first, my only intention was to lose a few pounds, then go back to eating crap, and then do the 2 weeks again when I felt like I had a few pounds to lose.
I NEVER thought that I would change my WHOLE lifestyle

After I completed the Fat Flush Diet, I had lost around 16 pounds, was happy with the weight loss, but still was not happy about what I saw in the mirror. Some say I was crazy, but I just didn't like what I saw.
Over the summer while I lived with my parents, I kept up the clean eating, but went a little overboard on calorie restrictions and workouts. I would do fasted workouts every morning and then another workout in the afternoon. I rarely had any full rest days. I would eat around 700 calories per day, thinking that it would get me to where I wanted my body to be.
Soon I felt weak and lethargic, but I didn't care because I was seeing results.
Little did I know the horrible things I was doing to my body and that I was basically killing myself.

I was depriving it of any energy, and basically burned off anything that I ate.
My menstrual cycle stopped this summer due to my intense workouts and diet change.
Recently I've been looking through my past food journals that I had this summer, and in a lot of entries it reads:
"I feel very weak today, I couldn't even make it up the stairs..."
or "Mom told me I need to eat more during college for energy, I do feel very weak and cold sometimes"
or "My legs were trembling while trying to walk up the stairs today"
and other entries of that sort.
But at the time I chose to ignore it! Even when my parents told me that I needed to eat more and started to look sick, I ignored them because that was how I wanted to look... I had a very distorted image of beauty at that time as you can see.

THEN, Instagram happened.

I started following all these fit and beautiful people and realized, why do I want to look emaciated, and skin and bones?

Muscle and tone is BEAUTIFUL, just look at all those amazing girls on Instagram!
FIT is sexy, HEALTHY is beautiful!

And this is what got me started with working out consistently, with WEIGHTS ladies, and now I can say that I am starting to get happier with my body! I'm getting a more toned, tighter body!

With the help of IG, I've learned to finally start loving my body, with all its flaws and imperfections, and I constantly, every day, aim to be the best version of me that I can be.

Now I'm not perfect, heck if you follow me or read my posts and blog, you KNOW I have many mess-ups, but that's just what comes with the journey to healthy, psh, the journey to LIFE.

I've struggled like many of you all have:
  • weight/fat loss
  • maybe gone about it the wrong way [starvation, low cals, too much working out]
  • then gained back all I lost + more through binging due to restrictions
  • And now starting again from the beginning!
  • And currently trying to gain control of my binge eating

So that's where I am currently.
Taking it one day at a time.

Just a normal girl, studying in school with a part time job, with a family who loves and supports me, with occasional slip ups and treats and cheats, but ultimately just trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.

You can read about how I overcame binging HERE with IIFYM, and in my Training Bio here.

Currently, as of the end of 2013 I have stopped counting and am relying on intuitive eating!
Join me on my way to fit :]

-- <3 VM Fitness

NESTA Certified Personal Trainer

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  1. Hi Josie! I recently found you on Instagram and your story inspired me because it sounds very similar to me! I too am a student.
    I love being active and would love to have such a fit body. However, for two years I was restricting a lot and lost lots of weight and just a year ago, those restrictions turned into binges.
    It's gone down from 4 binges a week to one a week in a year but I still can't seem to shake off that 1 binge a week.
    I go to the gym about 5 times a week and lift heavy, however no fat loss. And I think it has to do with my eating.
    The thing is also that my family doesn't really support my attempts to eat healthy because in their eyes they see it as me going back to restricting myself and I think it worries them.
    I just really need help to stop bingeing...Even if I eat clean during the day and feel satified by night, I think about all the sweet treats my parents purcahsed and my will power just slips and I end up sneaking them up in my room :(
    Also, going back to school in a month and all my roommates are drinkers (I used to go out too) but I am now thinking about cutting alcohol out of my diet. How do you go about doing this and telling your friends?
    Thanks Josie!

    1. hey girlie thanks for sharing your story! its a tough lifestyle but it does get better!
      well with the friends, i think you just have to tell them how you feel! say that you just don't want to drink, but that you can still have a good time with them! or offer to be designated driver haha! or you could always tell them that you don't want to get in any trouble in the school year so you're going to stop drinking! many ways to tell them that you're not into it anymore!

  2. Very inspirational!!!! I am in the same situation as you. I used to engage in heavy-restricting/over-exercise/obsessive-calorie-counting which led to binges and emotional eating. But I am proud to say I have given up counting calories cold turkey this past year and am diving into intuitive eating head on because i knew i wouldnt get anywhere if i didnt change my obsessive, destrucive cycle . Its been a work in progress, as i have been in limbo with binging to non binging but everyday i just keep moving forward and learning from my slip-ups. I am a very athletic and am ironically a nutritional science major so i know the importance of eating whole foods but i still struggle with managing my emotions without the use of food. the main reasons i end up binging is because i'm exhausted from work and school and just want to zone out, i procrastinate and don't want to study, or because i feel really angry or hurt and want to numb out. I was in a group therapy last semester at my school and learned "self compassion." Self compassion and radical acceptance has really helped get rid of the guilt and self i hate from binging that i struggled with everyday in the past. Though i am still on my journey to be binge free, i finally feel free of guilt and hate due to my lack of calorie counting and self compassion. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story. I would love to open up to people about my struggles more but sometime i feel embarrassed since i am a nutritional sciences major and fitness nerd.

    1. aw thank you so much for sharing it with me. i'm sorry for the struggles that you've gone through, but it sounds like you're getting stronger and stronger and better each day! there's no doubt in my mind binging will be a thing of your past! you CAN get through it and inspire others with your story as well!

  3. I'm a binger, emotional-eater and always gain all the weight I lose. I find myself without motivation all the time. It's like I want to do it, but then don't know where to start anymore and since eating is easy, I eat and then I feel guilty I ate. Horrible, vicious cycle I'd love to break for good. Glad to hear/see/read that I'm not the only one. Thank you!!!! IG has been great motivation (I only found it recently) and I'm just trying to read and learn and see where I go with it. Get some confidence and self-esteem up in here. ;)

    1. ah it is hard and the process is terribly confusing, but you WILL get there! i have no doubt! keep truckin! :]

  4. Hi, I'm a LOT older than you, and a different case...but do relate to a lot of what you say regarding binges....I know u r not a professional, but can I email u just for questions and thoughts on how to "fix" this absolute broken body?

    Also, the binging may in fact be more physiological versus mental (i.e. you need to eat MORE food...when I was your age....u young girls need to eat a TON seriously without working out , so be careful)....u and your readers may need these articles:



  5. Hello! I follow you on instagram and I have been inspired to change my life around! I am going to college for elementary education but since the beginning of summer I have been involved in a more healthy lifestyle. My question to you is, how was the NESTA personal training program? I am very interested in changing my life forever but it is obviously a drastic change for me. I would love your input on the program! Thank you!!

    1. it was not to bad at all! definitely try it! :]

  6. Hi! I follow you on Instagram and you definitely inspire me. I am a binge eater and I am trying really hard to overcome it but it is very difficult. I was diagnosed with depressiong back in July 2013. I was wondering if you have any advice on overcoming binge eating?

  7. Hey I just found your instagram and blog from Jazmine's Instagram and you inspire me with your story. I am 122lbs, 5'5" and 17. I am fairly skinny, when I take pictures, I am super skinny, but when I look in the mirror it is a different story. Since it is the summer, I am kind of just sitting in my room and working. I do track during the winter and when I workout and eat healthy I feel amazing!!! Now people are taking notice of my face getting wide, and my cheeks getting big. I take notice of my large, jiggly thighs and my chubby stomach. I really want to make a change in my lifestyle, but when I start I end up stopping. I am not happy with the way I am living and how I feel. People say not to worry about your weight and calories, etc, but I want to be and feel healthy. I want to start fresh. Buying clean foods ( that I can keep in my room, I live with my family ), buying fitness things ( weights, yoga mat, etc ). Help me!