Thursday, December 26, 2013

#Vmfityear2014 January: Bounce Back Plan

It's here!


Your Fittest Year Yet

This is the January Bounce Back Edition!
Ready to get those New Year Resolutions underway? Ready to actually COMMIT to them and follow through?!
Make this a LIFESTYLE change. Not a temporary plan, but a jumpstart to the rest of your life, where you'll feel confident in the body you have, and continue to improve it daily!

 Read a bit more about the plan here

Each month will have:
All for $8.50
Very reasonable considering some personal trainers can charge up to $200 a MONTH!

What are you waiting for? Commit yourself to FIT!

<3 vmfitness
Josie Mai
JosieMaiFitness LLC

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Monday, December 23, 2013

Tips on Stopping the Binge/Overeating

I've been reading the book "Intuitive Eating" (HIGHLY recommend this book if you've had problems dieting/yoyoing/want to learn more about listening to your body's biological hunger cues etc) and felt like sharing my favorite tips from the book AND my personal experience on how to control your eating, whether you overeat or BINGE, try out some of these tips to control your eating.

Tips on Stopping the Binge/Overeating

Sunday, December 22, 2013

HELLO WORLD! #vmfityear2014 and GIVEAWAYS!

Hello hello hello!

If you don't follow me on instagram or twitter, then you probably think I've fallen off the face of the earth! Well don't worry I'm RIGHT HERE!

Been swamped getting back into college life, homework, exams, attempting to be social :P, and more. It's been a whirlwind! But things are finally starting to calm down with the end of the semester and Christmas break coming around!

Well an update with me.....

I took a break from macros.
I tried intuitive eating.
Started overeating a little bit more and more.
Backtracked slightly the progress that I had made over the end of the summer.
Really wanted to reach the balanced lifestyle of intuitive eating: eat when I'm hungry, don't when I'm full, but it seems like my mind wasn't in the right place, so I had to go back to IIFYM for a while.
Just got back from a week cruise vacation getaway where I definitely enjoyed the relaxation, sun, and FOOD. While on my cruise I started reading "Intuitive Eating" to try to learn more about why I feel the need to overeat and how exactly I can STOP it. It's been helping and the book is a great read! For anyone dealing with dieting issues or yo-yoing and how to stop for GOOD, I definitely recommend this book to read!
Taking it day by day trying to get in tune with my body and simply just eat for fuel, and not overstuff myself like a Thanksgiving Turkey!

So yup that's what I'm doing now!
Obviously.. I'm not very consistent. I have ups and downs, progress and backtracks, but that's life. It's never perfect! And I know you all share similar experiences! I don't want you to think you're failing or are a failure because you can't stay on track. Just know it's part of the lifestyle journey and process. You haven't failed, you've just learned ways that haven't worked!
Keep going. You'll make it.
It's a journey. It's not a set path. There will be bumps on the way, but you CAN and WILL make it.

What exactly is this #vmfityear2014??

What do I have in store for YOU ALL and MYSELF for the 2014 year?!!?
Well not only is it a new year, but it's also MY 21ST BIRTHDAY ON JANUARY 2!
So I needed to come up with something AMAZING this year!

That's right, I've been working on something realllll special for you all!
I know this last month is always tough with the holidays and whatnot, and you end up starting the new year fluffy, guilty, out of shape, and ready for New Years resolutions. I wanted to do a challenge for you all, but decided not to for winter because I want you all to SUCCEED! And we all know how those holiday temptations and gatherings can get! So I present to you :

I'll be releasing a program with:  
  • Monthly calendar:
  • FULL of workouts to get you ON TRACK TO THE FITTEST YOU YOU CAN BE! 
  • grocery guide
  • #vmfityear2014 journal for progress updates
  • food log 
Andddd each month there will be 
  • ️ONE WINNER that will receive 2 QUEST boxes OF THEIR CHOICE as well as an article of  Quest apparel! 
  • ONE WINNER that will receive P28 Food Products  (either bagels, bread, nutbutter, or wraps!)
  • ONE WINNER that will receive a delicious nutubtter from You Fresh Naturals!

That's right: 3 WINNERS EVERY MONTH!
Rules will be in the monthly plan on how to win the prize for that month!

Do you want to get back on track, bounce back from the holidays, and make a LIFESTYLE change?!? This isn't a diet. This won't be a quick scheme. I'm trying to prepare you for LIFE.
A Lifestyle Change.
Then get ready for DECEMBER 26, 2013 when I'll be releasing the first month: 

There WILL be a price for the monthly plans, I'm aiming around $7 to $9!! 
 Which if you ask me is pretty SWEEET considering some month plans are anywhere from $50-$200! But I GOTCHU, I'm a broke college student too! Are you IN?!?? 
Mark your calendars for Dec 26, and give yourself the present of a New Years resolution you'll stick to!!!