Friday, August 29, 2014

Vmfityear2014: Strong and Sexy September

Hello everyone!

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You know the drill for the #Vmfityear2014 plans!

This edition's workouts will be focused on building that STRENGTH, and "toned" look that a lot of ladies out there look for! Don't be afraid to hit the weights! They'll mold and form your bodies in AMAZING ways!
Then be on the lookout for next month's edition, Halloween Slimdown! Which will target on blasting the fat before the end of the month!
Who's in it to get STRONG and SEXY this month?!

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Binging and Fixing the Mind, Body, Food Connection

"Ok I've gotta eat strict, have to eat clean. Nothing processed, no junk, nothing high fat high carb can touch my lips..... except maybe I'll have the one cookie. DANG IT. Well I've gone and screwed it all up. I'm just going to finish the whole box."

"80% Diet, 20% Gym? Ok I guess that's how it works! But mannn.... I just ate 10 oreos.. so my diet portion is messed up. Well I guess I messed up my day anyways, a workout isn't going to help anything, so I'm not gonna work out today."

How many times have you ever had these thoughts, or similar runs, running through your head?

Don't you wish you could just Eat when you're hungry and just STOP when you're full or satisfied? Why do we feel the need to just STUFF STUFF STUFF when we're not even hungry?