Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Photoshoot Experience and Tips!

I got all the pictures back from my amazing shoot with Laura Quintero Photography! I had such a comfortable time, the atmosphere was amazing, weather was perfect, and the location was BEAUTIFUL! I mean look at the scenery! Gorgeous :)
Just wanted to share some of the pictures with you!
Some tips I experienced while getting ready for my shoot:
  • I liked that I did my makeup a few hours before, to let it settle in and not look so "cakey". I suggest doing full face maybe an hour or so before, then doing touchups right before (eyeshadows and liner, powder, blush, bronze, lips etc!)
  • It's good to do hair near the time of the photoshoot so that by the time you're shooting, the curls or whatever style hasn't fallen out!
  • Bring a few different wardrobe choices! Having too many is better than too little
  • Always bring a happy attitude and smile. No one likes shooting someone who's not in the mood for a happy session!
  • Do your nails (feet and hands) before! I hated that I didn't prepare that part!
  • Bring flat shoes and heels, because you might have to do some walking! We walked all over Arlington, VA so it was great to have brought flats as well!
  • LOTION. Make sure you've moisturized up to make your skin look glowy and tan.
  • Bring different hair accessories (clips, bobby pins, headbands, etc) in case you want to change your hair look throughout!
  • Can't forget the power of lipgloss and chapstick! 
  • Always be doing something, you never know what shots may be by accident, but turn out the best!
  • Make sure you do have a good snack before, because you don't want to get too hungry or distracted during your shoot! Even a bar or a smoothie is good! It won't make you too bloated for the shoot, but will  give you enough energy to have an amazing session.

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures and tips!

AND I've actually decided a new setup of my blogs, sorrry I keep changing them on you all!

I will post more random, day in the life/thoughts/feelings blogs over at my Training #JosieBlabbles Blog HERE and I'll post bigger blogs like Reviews, Recipes, Tips, Etc, HERE on my VMfitness Site :)