Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Birthday Festivities & New Year Goals

It's my birthday I can cry if I want to!
Ha but I don't want to, so don't worry fitfam!! 

How was everyone's New Year?! I hope it was a BANG and that you had a blast.
Guess what?!?! I've reached my
3rd decade of life
How crazy does that sound!?! Ahaha, the big 2-0!! YES out of the teen years thank goodness! On my way to adulthood! Kinda scary, kind of exciting, definitely all new! I wonder what's in store for me these next 10 years! So crazy to think about...

I posted this photo a few days ago on my Instagram and a lot of you found it helpful:

With the new year coming up, we all have those resolutions. Something we want to get done, to change, etc. but think about 10 years from now. If you were the same, would you be happy? No? I know I wouldn't be. There's SOOO much left to do: to change, to improve on, to learn, to progress, to make mistakes and learn from them, to move on from, SOOO MANY THINGS to experience! And how do you experience things? By CHANGING. Don't be afraid to live a little. Back in August I was terrified of trying weights - "I'll get bulky, look like a man, yadda yadda" but from weights I got in the best healthy state my body had been in in my 8 months of a healthy lifestyle. Don't be afraid to try new things. You may end up LOVING it. Try something new today, try something new this New 2013 Year, you won't regret it. What could the next 3 months bring? What changes could you see? You never know if you don't get out there and TRY.

What are your goals for this 2013 year?

I know what mine as a whole are! My birthday wishes and 2013 year goals kinda meshed into one.
  • make the best of my 2013 year. make these next 12 months COUNT.
  • do well in my spring semester sophomore year of college
  • follow through on all the phases of my 16 week workout and meal plans
  • be happier
  • No binges 
  • More research in health and fitness (workouts, nutrition, psychological aspects - especially in regards to binging)
  • more family time
  • live life to the fullest
Those are just some of my goals!! They're kinda broad and open, but I do have more specific ones written down in my fitness diary :] 

I hope you all have some great goals set out and I hope you achieve them all!

Here's a great post by Muffin Topless on how to achieve your New Year's goals and resolutions, check it out! 

#vmfityear <3