Friday, August 29, 2014

Vmfityear2014: Strong and Sexy September

Hello everyone!

Ready for the latest edition to #vmfityear2014 ?!!? Check out


You know the drill for the #Vmfityear2014 plans!

This edition's workouts will be focused on building that STRENGTH, and "toned" look that a lot of ladies out there look for! Don't be afraid to hit the weights! They'll mold and form your bodies in AMAZING ways!
Then be on the lookout for next month's edition, Halloween Slimdown! Which will target on blasting the fat before the end of the month!
Who's in it to get STRONG and SEXY this month?!

What are you waiting for?! Purchase below for $6.50!

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Binging and Fixing the Mind, Body, Food Connection

"Ok I've gotta eat strict, have to eat clean. Nothing processed, no junk, nothing high fat high carb can touch my lips..... except maybe I'll have the one cookie. DANG IT. Well I've gone and screwed it all up. I'm just going to finish the whole box."

"80% Diet, 20% Gym? Ok I guess that's how it works! But mannn.... I just ate 10 oreos.. so my diet portion is messed up. Well I guess I messed up my day anyways, a workout isn't going to help anything, so I'm not gonna work out today."

How many times have you ever had these thoughts, or similar runs, running through your head?

Don't you wish you could just Eat when you're hungry and just STOP when you're full or satisfied? Why do we feel the need to just STUFF STUFF STUFF when we're not even hungry?

Monday, July 7, 2014

Chickpea Protein Bites: Gluten Free, Flour Free

Hey blog world! Sorry for the lack of posts and updates! If you want more daily motivation, inspiration, recipes, etc, follow me on Instagram or on Twitter for more frequent updates!

Here's a new recipe for ya healthy sweets lovers:

Saturday, May 24, 2014

12-Week Bikini Body Program!

Summer Bikini Body 12-Week Program!

*Information on the Memorial Weekend Sale at the bottom!

3 (three) 4-week calendars FULLL OF FAT BLASTING WORKOUTS to really kick your butt into gear this summer.

The way I've structured these workouts is that they're focused on high intensity moves mixed with low intensity moves, essentially like HIIT (high intensity intervals) cardio without the sprints! There's a mix of circuits, timed intervals, AMRAPs (as many rounds as possible) and more!

All different kinds of workouts to really push your body and make it CHANGE!

Trust me, after workout 1 you WILL FEEL IT! These are intense, you'll want to give up, but you WONT! Because you're going to get closer and closer to your goals each workout you do! Your body will adjust, don't worry! Don't give up, every workout is going to make you stronger, faster and BETTER!

The beauty of this program is that It can be done in the GYM orrrr AT HOME!! You just need some type of resistance (weights, books, soup cans, kettle bell, etc), a step up bench or stair step, an interval timer, and place to MOVE!

Now keep in mind this is the "BIKINI BODY" plan, so if you're looking to build serious muscle, this won't be the plan for you. If you're looking to increase endurance, get some serious fat burn and lose fat, then this is the perfect plan! A "bikini body" isn't a specific size or weight or look, but about you being happy and confident in the skin you're in and being fit and strong in your body!

It's official start date is JUNE 1!
But even If you don't start June 1, you can purchase this plan whenever you want and start the 12 weeks whenever your feel like it!!

Are you ready for a sweaty and intense summer??
Don't miss this opportunity to get your lifestyle on the right track!!

What's included: 
54 pages of:
  • 12 weeks of intense fat blasting workouts to work your whole body and lose the fat
  • bikini guide tips
  • food log and progress pages
  • grocery guide
  • how to continue the lifestyle after the 12 weeks
  • effective cardio for fat loss
  • effective HIIT resistance styled workouts
  • chances to win these prizes at the end of the 3 months in August! 
  1. 2 Quest Nutrition boxes + a tshirt
  2. P28 Food product
  3. You Fresh Naturals delicious coco-nutbutter!!! 

What are you waiting for?!
I've seen programs like this priced anywhere from $50 to $70! It's crazy! I know we all want to get fit and live healthy, but we have budgets too! So I've made this program affordable for you!

** note: if you cannot perform jumping movements like a squat jump or burpee due to physical limitations, then I recommend not purchasing this plan as it contains these two moves as well as other physically challenging movements similar to them.

Everything for just $23.99! 

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Quest Bar Peanut Butter Brownie Cups

PEANUT BUTTER BROWNIE CUPS!! Who doesn't love the sound of THAT?! Delicious quest bar drool worthy-ness! Hope you enjoy this totally simple creation! If you don't have these two flavors, you can always try plopping together 2 other ones! Be creative!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gluten Free Black Bean Brownies AGAIN & Slutty Brownies with Quest Bars!

I don't even know how many different black bean brownie recipes I've made and tried, but this is by farrr my FAVORITE. It's fudgy, melt in your mouth deliciousness.
To store, keep in tupperware and fridge.
If you want to eat it, pop them in the microwave for 5-8 seconds! <3 <3

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Quest Bar Pumpkin Muffin Pies & High Protein, Natural, Low Calorie Halo Top Creamery Ice Cream Review!

The bars are so easy and versatile, you can make them into anything! Check out my recipes that I have so far incorporating Quest bars here!
Check out my newest one, Pumpkin Pie Muffins with a Quest Bar Crunchy Crust! TO DIE FOR!!!
Click more to see the recipe, anddd for a review on the newest healthy low calorie ice cream, HALO TOP CREAMERY!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Gluten Free Almond Butter Cookies and #Vmfityear2014 Fit May: Bikini Blast Into Summer!

WOW - Can you believe it's already almost MAY?!?!  
That's RIDICULOUS. I can still remember this exact time last year, it feels like like summer was here not too long ago! Ah, but that means stress of finals week is upon me and I'll be in the library allll day every day. To relieve some stress, I baked some delishhhh almond butter cookies <3
Who doesn't love nutbutter cookies? If you don't... I'm sorry I can't talk to you....
Teehe just kidding.. but seriously. When someone tells me they don't like peanut butter or almond butter, my face is like WHATTTTT?!?!
For all those who DO love it, check out this Gluten Free Almond Butter Cookie recipe! Below!
WITH a hidden ingredient ;]

But FIRST, of course, with the coming month, comes a new #VMFITYEAR2014 CALENDAR!  

 So read more about the new May Plan: FIT MAY: BIKINI BLAST INTO SUMMER and for the new recipe!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Update on My Life: No more IIFYM, Hello Intuitive Eating

I know I haven't done a "What's Happening In My Life" long wordy post in a while... so I guess I'll do one now and update you all on what I've been doing these past few months!