Friday, December 28, 2012

Gym Tips

Gym Tips

Here I've gathered some tips to navigate the gym! Sometime people are worried about walking into the gym or weight room because they don't know what they're doing, what to do, or too embarrassed because they don't know "gym protocol". If that's you, read on to find out how to maneuver around a gym!

Come With a Plan
I know for me personally, if I don't have a workout planned, I'm like a lost child at the amusement park. Crazy machinery all around me and I have no idea where to go first or what exercises I have planned! So I like to write up my workout and bring it with me so I stay on track during my workout! Usually includes the exercises and the number of sets and reps! I also write in if I want to do any cardio that day!

Return Your Weights
Don't leave plates on a barbell or the squat rack or the leg press, NO. I always hate that because I waste so much time lugging off plates from others who have left them there! When you're done, put all plates and free weights back where you found them.

Your sweaty mess is for you only.
BAM! What an awesome set! I really nailed those and gave it my all! Killed those bench presses! Now I'm just gonna get up and do something else. WAIT! No one wants to lay in your nasty [although awesome because you really pushed it] sweat!
Use the disinfecting spray/wipes!!!
Nothing's worse than sitting on a piece of equipment or using something that feels like it's been showered on...

Be comfortable
Wear something you're confident and comfortable in! Something that moves easily with your workout, that won't ride up, and also won't flash anyone in the weight room! If you don't want to dress up in fancy workout gear, don't! Just wear that old T and some shorts or pants! No need to get all dolled up for the gym!

Sharing is Caring!
Don't hog any equipment for too long by having super long rests! Try to share the equipment by letting someone work in while you're resting.
This goes for cardio machines too! I know at my school gym there is a limited number of machines, and some girls stay on for like hours at a time! Be caring and spread the cardio love! Try out some HIIT to get a just as effective sweat in a shorter amount of time! 

I know for some, it may be annoying when someone next to you is jabbering away on their phone. Please try and keep phone calls to a minimum.. or none! Also, you want to have a bombin workout right?!? Don't waste your fit time on a call! Get to work, get that heart rate up, and get sweating!

Stay tuned! On January 1st, I'll be posting my 2013 Plan with a quick overview of my workout split and of my meal plan.


  1. I totally agree with all of these tips! Some great ones at that. I personally despise when people workout and leave their sweat stained on a bench. Blehk! Then I have to get cleaning myself but hey if you love working out, going to the paper towel station,dispensing the paper towel, spraying the sanitizer on the paper towl, walking back to the bench and wiping back it back and forth burns at least 6 calories. Lmao totally worth it!

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