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Again, repost of my earlier 16 week plan! That post messed up my blog layout! So here it is again!

To see my workout plan, click here

PHASE 1 – BUILD – 2 weeks - around 1800-2000 calories a day
·      Carbs included in:
o   Breakfast
o   Post workout with shake
o   Post workout meal
PHASE 2 – BUILD – 3 weeks - same calories from phase 1
·      Carbs included in:
o   Post workout with shake
o   Post workout meal
PHASE 3 – BUILD & LEAN – 3 weeks - High: 1800-2000 calories, Medium: 1700, Low: 1500, No: 1400
·      Carb cycle: 1 high, 2 medium, 2 low, 2 no
PHASE 4 – LEAN – 3 weeks - High: 1700-1800 calories, Low:1600-1700, No: 1400
·      Carb cycle: High, Low, No - repeat
PHASE 5 – LEAN – 4 weeks - Low-No: 1400-1500 calories, High: 1700
·      Carb cycle: 3 days low-no, 1 day high – repeat
4-5 meals a day – I like to eat a bit fuller meals, so I won't be eating every 2 hours. More like 2-4 hours. Instead of 6-7 meals with fewer cals, I'll be having 4-5 with a bit fuller calories. 


  • During the building stage I'll have proteins and carbs high, fats low.
  • During the carb cycling stage, my low days will have higher fat for energy and low carbs, and the opposite on high carb days. Protein still high.
    • I'll have a separate post when it gets closer to the lean out stage on how my meals will be different with the carb cycling implemented  
  • I'll be having Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Post W/O shake, Dinner [sometimes the snack may be in a different order]
  • Lots of veggies in every meal
  • Will be going STRICTLY GLUTEN FREE [due to thyroid]
    • due to thyroid conditions, will NOT be eating any soy products or raw goitrogenic foods
  • Carbs post workout & breakfast choices: GF oats, sweet potato, brown rice, GF pasta, brown rice cakes, fruit, etc [good complex carbs]
  • Protein choices: eggs, chicken breast, turkey breast or ground turkey, sirloin, shrimp, salmon, tilapia, whey protein, etc.
  • Fat sources: nut butters, avocado, egg yolk, nuts, flax oil, coconut oil 
  • Snack can be whenever you're hungry, can be after lunch, before lunch, after dinner, whenever!
  • I'll try and post all my food on Instagram for all of you to get some ideas from! :D  

 I am keeping my calories HIGH
I don't usually count calories and you alll know how much I advocate that! So I won't be using any kind of calorie counter, just "eyeballing" my portion sizes and guestimating.
Some reasons to keep your calories high during the first few weeks of your program:
  • If you eat too few calories, your body will go into starvation mode, causing it to HOLD ON TO ANYTHING IT DOES GET as fat to protect itself! NO GOOD
  • If I reach a plateau, I can either decrease my calories or increase my workouts. 
    • Imagine if you're already on a dangerously low deficit of 1100-1200 calories. You decrease to 1000. Now you've reached another plateau. Do you think going down to 900 or 700 will be good for you? NO. So think about it in the long-term! 
    • This will help your body continue to bust through plateaus while still having enough food to sustain yourself and be healthy
  • It's going to be higher in the beginning because I want to BUILD muscle, therefor I can't have too big a deficit in calories! Then as the phases go on and I want to lean, the added cardio will make the deficit, NOT lessening food calories drastically to dangerous levels.
    • It is better to have a deficit from WORKING OUT, rather than decreasing food intake! If you decrease the food intake drastically, this can 
      • make you catabolic - or break down your hearearned muscle
      • be harder to get to maintenance mode
      • starvation mode
      • stall your metabolism

This is my big plan for 2013! 

What do you all think?? I'm hoping to see some MAJOR changes! And I'm very excited! I've been SLACKING off SOOOOO hard these past few weeks/months, and it definitely shows! And with my new SLOW metabolism from killing my thyroid, it's going to be ESPECIALLY hard trying to lose all the extra fat I've accumulated. But I'm keeping my head up, trying to be positive, and hopefully everything will take care of itself!

So are you going to join me to a fab fitter 2013 year? I hope so! 
Remember, these numbers are for ME and my current body weight and goals, switch yours around accordingly! And my schedule is based off MY needs, and are scheduled around my classes, when I work, and what foods work best for my body. Please make adjustments where needed!  

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