Saturday, January 19, 2013

VMFITNESS on Youtube

YES, you heard right.

I, VMFITNESS, am starting a YOUTUBE account!

Am I crazy? Am I putting too much on myself with school, fitness, my IG, this blog, AND a youtube account? Hehe maybe... but I just want to help all my #fitfam out as much as I can and get closer to you all in this community!
So why the heck not start one?!
Not saying I'll be able to update every day, or even every week [I'm hoping to do a video a week.. we shall see how that goes....], BUT I will be posting here and there and try to keep up with it all for you shmexyyy fit peoples!

I'll let you alllll know when it's up an running! I'm actually very excited about this! Buttttt it may take me a while because I don't really know how to work youtube hehee, but I'll learn no worries!

It seems like a bunchh of you are mainly interested in:
  • food videos
  • health & nutrition
  • tips
  • workouts

So I'll try to incorporate everything you guys want into this channel!
Wish me luckkkk


And thanks for all your wonderful comments on my transformation pic! Means so much! This is solely from eating CLEAN, and consistent workouts! Just following my 2013 Plan! 
So far it's been going well! This is with a minor slip up last weekend [small binge & Jimmy John's sub], but that just proves that mess-ups can NOT derail all your hard work!

"One bad meal won't make you fat, just like one good meal won't make you fit"

I hope all you all are working hard on your goals this month and fresh year! Remember, CONSISTENCY is key in ANYTHING you do! That's a big part for me! But the more consistent you are, the quicker the results :]


  1. GREAT progress girl! Thanks for motivating me to get my butt in shape!

    1. thank you sooo much! so glad I could motivate!! <3

  2. Hey you! You should post your videos on vimeo! It's like youtube but in my opinion better lol Also, you are so inspiring! Can't wait to see your videos! -be_kraisy_fit (instagram)

    1. oooh i've never heard of that!! ill check it out!