Wednesday, January 9, 2013

#VMFITYEAR 16 Week Workout Plan

Sorry guys! I had to repost this original post split in 2 parts - workouts and then food, because it was messing with my blogger layout!

So another year DOWN. Goodbye 2012 
We're a pretty strong bunch #fitfam. We survived the dreaded Mayan end of the world!
So now what?

Well now it's time for a NEW YEAR.
Did you all slip this past holiday season? These past few weeks, months, or even year?
You know what's great about a New Year? Those little things called

New Years Resolutions!

Eh but who are we kidding? No one EVER sticks to those do they?
So now I am setting my 2013 PLAN, as in, I WILL achieve it! Not a resolution where I'll stick with it for maybe a few weeks, 2 months tops, and then quit.
No no my friends, this time I'm ACTUALLY sticking to these goals I'm setting!

YES. SELF-MOTIVATION! And not to mention motivation from my shmexy Fab 5 friends, and all of YOU, my wonderful followers!
I'm going to stick to my plan because I deserve to be the happiest I can during this New Year right?!
Also It's my birthday tomorrow, January 2nd! I think it'd be a nice birthday present to actually succeed at one of my long term goals!

Remember to use the hashtag on Instagram - #VMFITYEAR - I want to keep track of my progress this year, but alsooooo see all of YOUR journeys and progress! Lets kill this year fitfam! It'll have no idea what hit it!

I've made myself a
 16-week plan 
What?! That long of a plan for a girl who can never stick to something for more than 4 weeks?!
This 16 weeks will be my entire Spring Semester as a College Sophomore.
The time will pass anyway
so why not be productive and use that time to get in the best shape of my life?!  
Mind blown...

So here I've put my plan out there for all of you to see!
Feel free to use it as a base for ideas if you're stuck with what to do, but you should never copy them EXACTLY. Switch them around to fit YOUR specific needs and goals! I'm having these workouts and foods because of how my semester is planned out with classes, and because of how my body reacts to certain foods.

I'm doing these next 16 weeks in "phases" so that they don't draaaaag out.
I have a habit of getting bored easily, so doing them in phases will help to keep me still interested and motivated!

My plan is a mixture of short term goals [each phase] and one long term goal [16 weeks total!]
Haha I guess I can kinda say "16 weeks outright?
Like those fitness competitors do for competitions! Makes me feel more "legit" teehehe.

[Switched shoulders & bis/tris day! Fits better with my schedule]



  1. Hi Josie, I am a dedicated instagram follower of yours! I was wondering, what type of exercises do you recommend for beginners?? I took a look at your schedule and it seems like you do alot of weights. I have never dealt with weights before and my primary goal is to tone and lost weight. can you please help???
    thank you! keep up the great work.

    1. hi thanks for following! Well you can get into the weight room, and just not lift as heavy! start off a little lighter with proper form, then work your way to the heavier weights!
      i know has GREAT starting programs for beginners, like the Jamie Eason Livefit plan!!

    2. thanks!! I will take a look at the program right now :)) you're amazing. CHEERS!!

    3. Hi Josie,
      I just wanted to revisit to say thank you so much for your recommendation for Jamie Eason Livefit Plan. I LOVE working out with her schedule..however I add in cardio interval each day prior to my daily routines to boost up my energy. I have felt my body getting stronger and stronger each week. (BTW i can lift weights now!) but the results aren't as great as I would like it to be.

      I was wondering.. how do you work out your butt, girl ?!!??

      Getting a booty and flattening my stomach are the hardest part. Do you have any recommendation for those?

      Alot of ppl suggested that I get back to Insanity.. but Insanity bores me.

    4. hey love yayyyy so glad that you're enjoying it!!
      for booty i just do lots of squats, lunges, kick backs, and hip thrusts! and eat a lot to build the muscles :]

  2. Hey Josie,

    I'm already pretty experienced with weight training from working out at my gym at home, but I'm having trouble getting over the fear of going into the college weight room. I know it seems silly, but there are SO many more people here - especially ones that I know - and I don't feel as comfortable. I don't like to socialize when I work out and ESPECIALLY don't like to be hit on, or corrected by any "meat head" guys. Any advice for overcoming the weight room fears?


    1. Well a great thing when you're working out is that you DONT HAVE TO BE SOCIAL! haha just stick those head buds in, maybe get a hat, and killlll it! No one should [hopefully] approach you if you're in the zone because that would just be rude hah! don't be afraid girlie! but if you are, maybe go at a time where a lot of people won't be in there! maybe earlier in the morning? or just avoid the evening/lunch period times when it's busiest!

  3. Hi Josie! I'm a new follower of yours on Instagram and I absolutely love your posts! I read your story and its very similar to the things I went through before I decided that I wanted to be fit and not just skinny. I started up around the end of January doing cardio circuits and I've been pretty consistent about them. I work out 5 days a week for an hour because I have class throughout the day. I was wondering how you long you think my workouts should be and what kind of protein powder you use. I'm slowly seeing results and I'm happier than I was last year with my body, but i'd like to see more muscle definition in my body and I wanted to know what you thought would help me with that. I'd love to hear back from you!!

    1. Thanks so much for following love!! and congrats on the life change!!!

      Hour workouts are totally fine!! No need to slave away in the gym for hours. I say add WEIGHT TRAINING instead of just cardio circuits if you want to see more muscle definition! Because you have to BUILD the muscles! I always like whey protein post workout because that'll go straight to the muscles to help them recover. You really don't need any other protein powders besides that! Just eat everything else healthy and whole foods!


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  7. Josie,
    I was just wondering in each phase do you do a certain amount of reps and sets?

  8. Hello Josie,

    Thank you so much for all your recommandations, tips and encouragement. I'm about to start a fitness program inspired by yours and I was wondering what you did after it. Did you go back to phase 1 or did you keep on doing phase 5 ?

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