Saturday, March 9, 2013


That's right! IT'S OFFICIAL!
I announced on my Instagram the other day when my competition will be!

I posted it mainly as motivation for myself, so that I CAN NOT back out! I was planning on doing an earlier show, but I felt I would NOT be ready in time. Instead of stressing out about it and killing myself over the anxiety and cardio and stress, I decided to do a longer, more comfortable prep for the

NPC Maryland State & East Coast Classic

It'll be in Rockville, MD and if any of you want to come out and support, that is MIGHTYYY FINEEE BY ME! <3

AH I can't believe it! I should also be getting my bikini by my sponsor RAVISH SANDS in the mail this week! EEEK It's so much more real now.

I'm nervous, excited, scared out of my pants, anxious, and giddy all at the same time.

My AMAZING coach [who I've put through a LOT with my constant changes and plans, seriously, don't know how he's still putting up with me...] @MRGEECUE, or Nate Pascua, already has everything planned out for me. He wants to give me a "comfortable" prep, which I'm so happy about!

Lots of coaches put their athletes through crazy diets and training that ultimately, in the long run, ruins their metabolism, making it harder for them to return to the healthy lifestyle change, and causes them to go crazy and binge eat after their competitions.

THANKFULLY, Nate explained it alllll to me how we'll be doing my 15 week prep,  keeping my foods and workouts sane and manageable, and he's also going to help me during POST comp [which I'm terrified about!] because that's the stage where most competitors just lose it, with binges and cause them to gain back the weight they've lost + more and are never able to get full control of their eating or lifestyle habits. But with his help I'll be able to return to a stable healthy lifestyle!

I'm seriously so happy that Nate is my coach, I DO NOT KNOW where I'd be without him. If any of you are reading this, hoping to compete in the future [men also!] don't hesitate to contact Nate, because he seriously DOES know his stuff! :D

So that's basically a quick little update at where I am with this competition journey! 15 weeks to bring the best that I can to the stage! Apparently there's lots of politics in this sport, being judged by different people with different opinions, and then there's some competitors with more experience and connections to the people up top, but all I'm going to do is bring the BEST that I can, and hope that that is enough for them! Again, my goal isn't even to win or heck, even to place! My only goal is to get up on that stage. Once I've done that, I've already won.
I've already beat the nonbelievers, strengthened my willpower, reached my goal and dream, and that's ALL I can ask for!

Stay tuned and subscribe to my YOUTUBE channel! That's where I'll be uploading regular vlogs on my bikini journey so that you all can get a little idea of the process if you're on the edge of whether to compete or not!! <3

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