Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bounce Back from the Binge

Hey beautiful people! Sorry for my lack of updates! Been SUPER DUPER busy with school and comp prep and life in general! But I thought I'd update withhh another binge post.

Since my STOP THE BINGE post was so popular with you all, I decided to write this post on:


Many of you have come to me either through e-mail or on instagram saying around the same thing:

Josie, I had a horrible binge, what do I do?
I had a horrible binge, and I can't seem to stop! I've done it ___ times this week! Help!
and so many other variations of the above.

Many of us have been through the same thing! I know that for me and others, it really WAS a binge eating disorder, but for some others it could just be a food control problem, which also needs to be fixed ASAP!

Here's what I USED TO DO after I had binged, that never EVER worked because they set me up for failure and just primed me to binge again, so DON'T DO THESE:

  • Fasted the next day/ skipped meals to make up for all the food you had the day(s) prior
  • Went VERY strict on clean eating
  • Worked out for hours to combat the extra calories
  • Felt Guilty & Beat myself up about it

And you know what happened after I did all that?


Why? Because I was freaking restricting my body!

So, what CAN I do to set myself up for SUCCESS? And to NOT binge more in the future??

Here are a few things that I've found work in helping me stay in control after a binge:

  • Go back to healthy clean eating the next day [no restrictions, no counting calories, just start the day new, fresh, and healthy!]
  • Drink water like a fish! Water naturally purifies your body, so get all those toxins out!
  • Drink some kombucha or probiotic drinks to reset your pH levels, or some dandelion tea to help out that liver of yours detox
  • Exercise! But don't go CRAZY! Do some weights mixed with cardio to flush out the negatives and give yourself some happy endorphins! 
  • DON'T RESTRICT - make healthier alternatives, find clean eating substitutions, don't cut out whole food groups
It's a LIFESTYLE change people! You think you can live your whole life without carbs or without fats or on low calories of around 600 a day? NO. Your body will end up KILLING itself, craving ALL this craziness that you've been depriving it of, your mind will go crazy and then you'll just KEEP REPEATING THE CYCLE OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

The main thing I learned was to NOT cut out foods completely. If you have a craving, try and resist. If you seriously can't, then have a taste! But DON'T have the whole box!

Don't say:
because your mind will be like 
"OH SNAP, then maybe I should eat it all before I start over tomorrow!"
Instead, Say:
"I CAN have it, I just choose NOT to because it's not good for my body, it won't help me reach my goals, and I CHOOSE to not have it!"

Change your ways of thinking, and you can change a LOT of your actions!


I'll be filming a video soon for my YOUTUBE channel on more tips to Control Cravings/ Stop Binging/Mindless Snacking! So STAY TUNED!


  1. You almost made me cry. I've been ON A ROLL for the past month, and I was also doing the 21 day sugar detox. I was telling people that it was easy, because IT WAS! It was my lifestyle, I knew what I wanted, I trained my brain and my body. I would RARELYYYY have cravings, but they went away fast.... Unfortunately that didn't last long. Spring break came along and I wanted to enjoy myself while still being healthy. So the first day went well, but on the second I went out and got drunk. After that, it all went downhill. I've been binging for 5 days straight, eating every possible sugary devil that I saw. Then, I decided to go for a run. I was slow, exhausted, unmotivated and it KILLED ME. All that hard work, waking up at 6 before class to work out, meal prep, restrictions etc... out the window. I was beating myself up about it and now I'm sitting here just wishing that I could rewind time. But you're right, we just gotta get up and keep going.. and that's what I'm going to do. Thank you! I follow you on instagram wishing I had people to keep me accountable so that one day I could look in the mirror and say damn... well starting now, I'm on my way. Now damn, I didn't mean to vent, so if you have to delete my comment I won't be upset. You're an inspiration and I just want to say thanks.

    1. i would never delete your comment! ah feel free to vent! venting helps so much! it's nice to talk it out, because if you bottle everything in, well then you just go CRAY CRAYYY and that's no good! hahah!
      but i'm so sorry that you had that mishap! but think of it has a road bump on the highway... you still have a LONGGGGGGG road and journey ahead of you! one bump won't stop you from reaching your goals!
      just gotta pick up, and move on!! <3<3

  2. Thank you so much ! All ur videos and posts have made me realize to stop restricting, because before I would used to restrict down to about around 7-8 hundred calories a day . I lost around 10 pounds, but felt weak all the time. Then later when I would allow myself one chocolate or a bit of ice cream I would be able unable to stop and ate until the max. And before that I would try to fill myself up with clean foods but still craved those anyways and just ended up eating many more calories. I relate to ur story so much and like how u would binge and say tomorrow I will est clean. But again thank u so much for ur help and inspirtion. !=)

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