Sunday, July 21, 2013

Vacation Victories: IIFYM/IE Update & My Goal for the Future

Hello fit fam!
If you didn't know, I've been on vacation for around 10 days in wonderful Florida!... Even if it did rain almost every day I was there. Below are some tasty foods I ate while on vacation and an update on how I ate. And how I actually LOST weight on vacation! Even though we shouldn't care about weight ;]

WOW, got such a big response on my last post on how I STOPPED MY BINGING thanks to IIFYM!

And now I wanted to share with you how I did on vacation.
Guess what?
Not a macro was counted.
Not a binge occurred.   :O
And I lost 2-3 pounds.

Oh yes naughty treats happened. But so did healthy ones!
So you're probably saying

"What the heck. Didn't you JUST make a post about how awesome IIFYM is?! Why did you stop?! Stop bouncing around woman!"

Haahah welll I just wanted to share with you what I did on my vacation and how I remained binge free even though I didn't log everything.

I think it's due to the fact that I had been doing macros for a while now, so my mind [remember, ALL about that mental health] was used to not binging.
When you don't binge for a while, it does get easier, I promise! I think my mind got used to the amounts of food I was eating when I was counting macros, and my body was used to the feeling of fullness and satiety. I knew when I needed to eat when I was hungry, and I knew when to stop when I was full.
If I was hungry I ate, when I wasn't, I didn't. I snacked on nuts when I wanted to, but I refused when I knew my body didn't need them. So my body adapted to the new "system" I had put it under - the IIFYM system. Which is great! I think what I was doing is what some people call, Intuitive Eating.
I didn't hit my macros, but I definitely know I never under-ate or OVER-ate... Well maybe over-ate a little on some days we visited the buffets.... :P

BUT the buffet welcomed me with open arms this time! If you had seen me last summer at a buffet... I'd eat till I couldn't BREATHE, felt SICK TO MY STOMACH, eat MORE, go home, then RAID THE CLOSET FOR MORE FOOD!
This time, my body was accustomed to how much food I actually NEEDED, so I ate my fill, and that was that! No extra binging into the night for this one! NOPE!

I really think the BIG turning point for me was that I finally understood the notion of "moderation in this lifestyle". Before, like I said in this post, I always had the mindset of "either all clean all the way or full on binge". But now that I knowwww 1 or 2 treats won't cause me to gain a bajillion pounds, I can STOP. I think before, I always thought "Oh I ate one, I'm going to blow up anyways, so what will a few more hurt?"

Well when you realize a few more WILL HURT more than just 1, then you know it's best to stop!
So even though it's easier said then done, you HAVE to get the mentality of moderation! Or else you'll be stuck in that vicious cycle like I was.

Now, since I am back from vacation, I will be hitting the gym up AND resume counting macros with the help of Paul Revelia from Team Pro Physique. He has given me custom macros and cardio recommendations and I'm hoping to see big changes! If you can't afford a personal trainer yourself, I recommend a simple online calculator, like, and if you're exercising, I suggest increasing the protein to greater than the suggested 1 lb/body weight!

I will be counting macros to reach my goals - to lean out, improve strength and reach my ideal body fat & body composition.

However, after that.. I think I may STOP counting macros...

I know I know now you're like:

"You were preaching to the choir about how awesome IIFYM is! Now you're going to STOP?!"

Well I realized on vacation that I returned to my NORMAL self. The self that could stop eating when full at buffets, could say no to additional desserts, could eat a few chips and leave the bag, NOT have to finish my whole plate if I wasn't hungry anymore. I may just turn to an Intuitive Eater!

And I do admit sometimes IIFYM is tedious to track at times with the weighing and being precise and consistent, but right NOW, in order to reach my GOALS - I WILL be continuing to track macros.

I'll be following Paul's macros for 3 months, and I think by that time my body will be EVEN MORE accustomed and adapted to the macros I'm on. Therefore, fingers crossed, afterwards, I can just start living without having to count! Like I did this vacation! Just use my mental brain counter ;)

IIFYM HAS changed my life though and I'm SO glad for it. 
It set me up to be ABLE to live the rest of my life counting-free and binge free. That's what this vacation proved!
The flexibility of it, the mental health and clarity it has given me.
If I didn't start it, I probably would still be tip toeing in the kitchen late at night eating all the goodies I could find. But now, not anymore.

And even if I DO NOT continue counting in the future - aka just living life normally, 80% healthy 20% living, I will still highly recommend IIFYM to anyone with binging problems like I had, or any food relationship problems! Just to start you off and get your mindset back in the right place.
Because honestly, IIFYM did basically lead me on the road to recovery from binge eating. And once you're accustomed to the new mindset, new eating habits, maybe you can wean off counting macros too!

ULTIMATELY, down the road, I'd like to not have to count, not have to obsess over food, so I'm hoping that will happen. Just living life, being social with others, eating to live and fuel my body, NOT living just to simply eat eat eat.

I feel the ultimate maintainable lifestyle is:  
and if I can have that balance without counting or stressing about numbers, that would be nice!

So again, after I've reached my goal, I will slowly start weaning off calorie counting, macro counting, etc. That is my GOAL - to be able to be binge-free without having to count anything. Just living a carefree life with no strings pulling me down.

Because back then the cavemen didn't have awesome smart phone apps that calculated their food did they? Nahh

We'll see where the wind takes us!
And let the chips falllll where they may.



  1. Do you think intuitive eating will help with weight loss? I've been practicing iifym and if and I too had a binging problem before this :( but I've been noticing I'll keep eating even if I'm not hungry just to meet my macros..or I'd still be hungry after hitting my day's worth. I want to lose about 20lbs but not sure what would be the best way. Thanks in advance!

    1. it definitely could! It's all about calories in vs calories out - if you eat less then there will be a loss! :]
      whatever works best for you