Monday, July 8, 2013

Don't Let Comparison Be The Thief of Joy


 It's difficult, ESPECIALLY on Instagram, the internet, where you see a lot of fit strong people all the time, it's so easy to compare yourself! But in reality, they only post their best! Not everyone shows their weaknesses, so stop comparing your behind the scenes to everyone's highlight reel! Ig does sometimes make this journey tough. 

"Am I doing it right? Should I eat like that person? Should I do two a days, three a days? What?!? Do I have to do endless cardio? It works for them so maybe I should do it. I want their body, maybe I should do that. Why isn't this working? It's working for them!! Why are they progressing faster than me?" 

STOP!!!! See all this worrying?!? It's pointless. It's all about THEM THEM THEM! Focus on YOU. You have to experiment! Sure it's easier to just copy someone else instead of doing your own research and testing your body out, but it's worth it when you find what sticks! 
If someone is CONSTANTLY SHOVING THEIR WAYS AND VIEWS down your throat, but you don't want to follow it, then DONT! 

There are so many different systems, plans, and ways of living this lifestyle. And guess what, THEY ALL WORK!!!! It's up to you to find what works BEST FOR YOU!!! 

I know of a girl who lost 100+ pounds by just exercising and cutting down portions, and she wasn't even eating 100% strictly clean!! 

So if clean clean clean no artificial stuff isn't for you, THERE ARE OTHER WAYS. And if you do like clean clean, then good for you! 

But please don't bash it into other people's faces that they're going to die of diabetes from POPTARTS. Ok this has kind of turned into a rant but basically what I'm saying: 

DO YOU, don't focus on what anyone else is doing, love YOUR life, focus on YOURSELF, stop COMPARING, and aim for slow progression, not perfection, because in all honesty there's no such thing as "perfect".

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