Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July! Tips on Dining Out & Bearded Brothers Energy Bar Reviews

HAPPY 4th of July! Independence Day!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day spent with their loved ones, happiness, laughter, and good food! OH NOOOO what happens when you have to go dine out or are put in an environment with different foods that aren't normal to your "clean eating". 
Here are some tips to dining out! 

Healthy Dining Out

We all know how hard it is to stay on track with our food choices, and it's even HARDER when we go to restaurants! Admit it, even though you'd like to stay in and have all your safe healthy foods around you, you still have a LIFE with people in it! People who probably want to take you out for meals, social gatherings, family reunions, friendly get togethers, etc!

  1. If you know where you're going before hand, check out their online menus!
    • Here are some great places to find wherever you're going out and their online menus:
    • SparkPeople
    • ChubbyGrub
  2. Always go for greens!
  3. Split appetizers or meals with friends!
  4. Add protein! 
  5. Look for steamed, baked, broiled instead of the fried or breaded
  6. Eliminate "bad" carbs to lessen the unknown calorie intake: like fries, pastries, etc
  7. "I don't have a sweet tooth"
    • if you're eating out with a crowd and tired of explaining your "healthier lifestyle", to save you and them some time, just simply say you don't have a sweet tooth! And pass on the desserts!
    • if you do want a dessert, opt to share with the rest of the table!
  8. Avoid the sketchy sauces
    • these can usually be the biggest calorie hider in your foods! Some sauces can add up to 500 calories alone to your dish!
    • Ask for sauce on the side, or balsamic or lemons for dressing
  9. WATER & lemon is your best friend!
  10. Aim for salad bars at buffets - GO CRAZY!
  11. FRESH is best!
  12. Remember that 1 meal won't make you fat, like 1 meal won't make you skinny! So enjoy, moderation, control, and move on if you do eat "naughty" foods! 


Bearded Brothers

The shared passion resulted in Bearded Brothers, an organic snackfood company. Handmade with love and joy, in Austin, Texas. Most of our handmade energy bars are 100% organic, mostly raw, gluten free, vegan friendly and amazingly delicious. Just try them, we guarantee you will be back for more.

Fabulous Ginger Peach
This was surprisngly refreshing, not overwhelmingly sweet OR too gingery! And trust me, I've had some nasty over the top ginger flavored snacks. But this was awesome! Crunchy, sweet, hint of ginger, and delicious.

Colossal Coconut Mango
Tropical, exotic, sweet and a little sour from the mango, and the coconut shreds give a great texture and taste.

Mighty Maca Chocolate
Deeper chocolate flavor. Not really sweet, but not bitter like dark chocolate either. 

Bodacious Blueberry Vanilla
Has a tart flavor from the blueberries but a sweet mild vanilla taste as well! Nothing is overbearing at all and I love it! Also has a nice crunch from the almonds.

Thanks so much Bearded Brothers for these amazing & clean Energy Bars! Check out their site!

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