Saturday, November 10, 2012

Total Body Workout and News!

Hey again everyone! 

Wow, I've been on top of blog posts this month! Trying to post more for you guys during any down time I get during these last hectic few weeks of my Sophomore fall semester!
Wow time FLIES!
Seriously, I feel like it was just YESTERDAY when I first started my Instagram, when actually it was more like back in July! 
Creating it has done so much for me that I never imagined it would. 
I've had the amazing opportunity to connect with all of YOU, learn more about health and fitness, feel more confident about my own body, learn of some amazing clean eating recipes, be inspired and motivated everyday, anddddd big news.....

Become sponsored by MAKE PLAYS OR DIE!

Yup that's right! I'll be able to strut my stuff repping their awesome workout gear! And I love their motto:

“Our motto on the field was ‘We need to make plays or die,’” Johnson-Koulianos said. “Basically, if we don’t do our job and make plays, we’re not going to win, losing was dying to us.”
I vow to always "make plays or die" and never ever quit in my journey to being fit!
Will you?!
Head over to their site and check out their sweet swagggggg.


I love making these things, they're just so fun!
Try and have as LITTLE rest between each exercise if you can! And then maybe rest for :30-:60 before the next round.
It's a combo of Strength & Cardio!

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