Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 1: Operation Sexy Fat Flush

DAY 1 of Operation Sexy!
Or OS for short.
Remember if you're joining me on the ride on instagram, tag your photos with #OperationS so we can all check each other's progress!

Here are my Day 1 morning measurements:

Weight: 109 lb
Body fat: 21 %
Chest: 28.5
Bust: 30
Waist: 26.5
Upper arm: 9.25 unflexed; 10.5 flexed
Forearm: 8.75
Midway: 32
Hips: 33.5
Butt: 34.25
Thighs: 21
Calf: 13.5

A very handy guide to how and where to measure so that you get it accurate every time! And use this so that you know where to measure next time in case you forget!
And the next time I will step on the scale or measure my body will be Sunday, November 8!

Have to get in the game! Throw away ANY temptations you may have in the house! Or if you can't do that, just shove them into a dark corner somewhere where you won't be able to see them every day! Don't make it harder for yourself to stay on track!
Also, I have my written out workouts and my meal plan according to the "Fat Flush Plan" book stuck on my fridge so it'll always be there to remind me to eat clean.

Here are my eats through pictures:

Mixture of Cranberry juice and water with psyllium husk to get everything going smooothly ;) 

Scrambled eggies with spinach! I need to go grocery shopping

Grapefruit snack!

Lunch: tilapia with onions and bok choy

snacking on natural unsweetened applesauce

dinner: chicken breast baked with onions tomatoes and side of broccoli!


Did a circuit that I made! But I had to stop my workout short because I legit felt like VOMITING! No more fasted workouts for me! Nooooo sir.

So there's my day! 
And now I'm thinking from now on I won't just do all pictures, it might be limited to just texts of what I ate that day because I don't want to take too long updating these for you guys!




  1. Oh wow you're doing the FatFlush plan. I did that plan about 6 yrs ago. I lost 20 lbs in 2 months following that diet to a tee. I still like to do the cranberry water every now and then to cleanse the system. I also do th life cocktail in the mornings as well with flaxseed. its great!

    1. yeah I did it back in May when i first started my lifestyle change!!

    2. Hi,

      If you don't mind me asking.. did you use the full on Fat Flush cleansing supply.. by ordering the supply and constantly using them on a daily basis?

      I was wondering because I am in need of losing 10 lbs for a wedding and I don't know if that is a good idea or not.

    3. Hi no i did not order that supply! I just took the Gla!! :]

  2. Are you doing the first phase right now?! Is it hard to cut out all those foods, especially the grains/cereal/breads? and of course the fats.. do you still have energy for your workouts?

    1. yes i am! not really, since i've already done it before back in may! so cutting them out again isnt so bad, maybe in a few days though haha!
      and i make sure to meet my calories! so i add lotsssss of veggies and sides and i also eat more protein than the book suggests