Sunday, November 11, 2012

Morning Workout

Today I've included a little short circuit, 2 bombing breakfasts that I've tried, curtesy of MegaMeows, and my Bucket List, an idea from Alexandra over at the Freckled Lifter! These 2 girlies are 2 of the FAB 5 IG besties :]

Well short little blog post today! But here's an easy to do circuit to do RIGHT when you wake up from bed! Start your day off and REV UP your metabolism with these moves!
No gym equipment needed! Just your body weight is fine! But if you want to be super duper awesome, try holding some text books or soup cans during those squats & lunges!
Feel the morning burn and start your day off right, the FIT WAY! 
And I love checking my blog stats and seeing where all you readers come from, most from the U.S, some from the UK, and surprisingly a lot from Australia and a few from Singapore! How cool is that?! We're all connected in some way even though we're MILES and MILES apart!
Mind boggling, I KNOW. And if all of you awesome readers did this little circuit every morning? EVEN MORE CONNECTION! It's crazy! Some of you might even be doing this workout at the same exact time but in completely different states... freaky.

Sometimes I just don't have time for a full blown out workout if I'm busy with school or work, so a short circuit in the morning to rev up the rest of my day is a really great way to start the day!


  1. DUDEEEEEEEEEEEE THIS POST JUST MADE MY ENTIRE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!! You have no idea how happy this made me-- I TOTALLY have to add the fab five meet up to my bucket list!!!! GAH i just can't wait to meet you guys, we're gonna have so much fun! Can you make this epic french toast for our sleepover pretty please?! :D

    1. UH DUHHHHHHHH those.... and everything else we've said that we'll make... will be part of the FAB FIVE FEAST!!! <3