Friday, November 23, 2012

Operation SXY & My Journey through Photos

How are you all doing?
Recovering from Thanksgiving food-coma hangovers? Thought so :P
WELLL Just wanted to share what's been going on with me, and my plans for the future!
FIRST, I'll show you the progress and lack of progress I've made 


Sorry the pictures dates are kind of all over the place! Bare with me!

At this point in September, I was happy with my body! That's my goal to get back to!
April 2012 --> September 2012


My progress through May 2012 on the Fat Flush Diet Plan


At my worst this past Summer 2012 - I had this sickening thought in my mind that my legs just weren't skinny enough so I kept working hard hard hard and keeping a very dangerous calorie deficit. You can see my ribs, and my chest bones were a lot more prominent in real life than in this picture. My arms were frail and weak and I was cold allll the time.
This was around the time where my fitness diaries read things like, "I feel so weak... I couldn't get up the stairs". My mom and dad told me I needed to start eating more and not be so strict on myself, I should have listened! I was killing my poor body. They even said they noticed times where my breathing was shallow and weak, and I didn't even notice that myself! 

*Update: Thanksgiving weekend: My parents say I look better now - obviously more meat than I had in the summer! They said I look "chubbier" haha, but not in the mean way, but more in a better "you have life in you" way. 
They said I also look more attractive now because my face is not the hollowed out cheekbones it used to be anymore. Make sure to listen to those around you! Especially the ones who are only looking out for your well-being. Sometimes they know best!
Don't try to aim for emaciated my #fitfam - you look BETTER with meat and muscle than just skin hanging off bones and your face :/

Me with more muscle and meat, wearing the same shorts as above - October 13, 2012


The pics of me in the white were taken August 4th, 2012 as my "after summer/ before lifting weights" photos: SKINNY FAT!


 These were taken the same day as my progress for the first picture I posted:
September 8, 2012 - One month after lifting weights
This is the point that I'm trying to get back to :)


April 2012 --> Start of October, 2012

April 2012 --> October 18, 2012

Summer 2010 --> November 16, 2012


 On the left, me, nonflexed, as of November 18, 2012 - compared to the right during Summer 2011



And these pics were taken post Thanksgiving Feast-ivities: No flexing: November 22
I'm actually really embarrassed to show where I am currently...
It sucks to see that I've basically gotten back to where I was at the beginning of my journey in May!
Seeing the pictures go from skinny fat, to lean, to fit, to some fat gain, to back to the start. 

But you know what? Now I know my body a little better after these 7 months of changing my lifestyle, so hopefully results will come a bit faster this time around by knowing the proper foods to eat, NOT starving myself, and working out correctly, with ENOUGH rest days incorporated to prevent any burnouts!


So now: Operation Sexy is a go!

If you read my Instagram posts from a few days ago then you know a little about this "Operation Sexy" :)

If not, here's my post about it!
I was so glad a lot of you found you could relate to this!

I finally buckled down and realized this ^^  after reading about Christina's own slip-ups. Visit her Instagram account, she's SO motivational, and one of my good IG friends!!! I've been following her since the start of my IG, and I loved that we could relate because she was also a hard working college IG girl who lived in anonymousville like me back in the day! And has been super supportive of me the whole way!

So back to the point of my posts the other day:
I realized that I'm only cheating myself of ultimately attaining by dream goal body! And that's just not fair and makes me feel horrible.

If I had been committed since I came to school, how different would my body be now?
If I had kept it to one cheat a week (instead of the.... uhm.. many cheats a week) would I be happier with myself, my body, my will power and strength? Of course! 
So why did I slide back so far? Why did I let myself slip and take 10 paces backwards? Only to regret it all?

Well my fit friends, that's the process of life
It's never perfect, never as planned. You will have slip-ups, you will have downfalls. But what matters MOST is what you do with those set backs, how you react and respond. 

As I said in those posts above, you can always say "Oh I'll start tomorrow, so let me finish eating crap today" only to repeat it over and over, week after week, month after month. I know I have! And do I feel good about it? Heck no!

It's time to STOP. Time to train my taste buds to relax and chillll out for a bit! 
They say after 2 weeks, you can train your taste buds to like or dislike something! 
Interesting tidbit huh? 

And they say the longer you go without sweets, the more you don't crave them. 
It's actually so true! I remember my 2nd semester of freshman year, I totally gave up sweets! And after a while, I stopped craving them!

Well here I go. I'm starting new, starting all over. Determined to beat my weak willpower and replace it with a tougher, stronger, and better one.

And it turns out I won't be going on that big vacay after finals like I mentioned in my instagram posts above, but I'll still be heading off somewhere sunny! So time to pop out these bathing suits and get back in gear and in better shape!

It's very obvious that I have gained fat in the after pictures I posted above, so now it's time to start leaning out!
Eh, I definitely haven't built up a ton of muscle in 3 months, more has been fat due to my cheats and treats here and there, whoops! But I do want to see if leaning off some of this fat will bring out some of the baby muscle that I havee built up!

Now I'm no competitor, nutritionist, or personal trainer, so I have no clue how this process works. It's just trial and error. Trying to get as much info I can from google,, etc.
And if I'm doing this process wrong, WHO CARES?! I have the rest of my life to try and perfect it.


I'll be keeping my workout split the same as I had posted earlier, just with a little more cardio!

Monday - Abs & 30 min Cardio
Tuesday - Back and Bis followed by 20 mins cardio
Wednesday - Quads and Calves & HIIT
Thursday - Shoulders followed by 20 mins cardio 
Friday - Chest Tris & HIIT
Saturday - Glutes Hammies and Calves
Sunday - REST

And of course my
Eating Rules have to get more strict!

I'm going to actually go back to the Fat Flush Plan book like I did when I first started my lifestyle change in May. Hopefully this will get rid of a lot of the water weight and some fat that I've accumulated over these past few weeks!

My food will be clean and fun, with a combo of healthy fats, protein, and carbs!
Although I don't count calories, I'll just try and keep them around 1500-1800 calories! Will be guesstimating my meals by eyeing them!

Also, I was texting the lovely Meg over at MegaMeows about the usual the other day: life, health, fitness, FOOD, and she mentioned that she's starting to just eat when she's actually HUNGRY!
I think this is a great idea.

I'm currently still trying to control my binges and cravings (I will do another post on this because I know a LOT of you are also struggling with this), and I think just eating when I'm hungry, instead of shoving food down every 2 hours, will give me a better relationship with what I eat, actually enjoying every bite that goes into my mouth.

NO processed foods
No sugars/artificial sweeteners
Try and go gluten free (thyroid issues)
No junk 
All natural foods
Aim for at MOST 1 cheat/week
[no cheats for first 2 weeks]
Drink at least 1 gallon of water a day

I'm going to continue to be 
lifting weights, add more cardio, combined with a more strict diet, BUT NOT too strict where I feel deprived! Hopefully this will lead to a more shredded, ripped, lean version of vmfitness :P

So that's my plan Stan! It may not be the most perfect plan, but hey it's all trial and error, again, like I said before, I have the rest of my life to figure out the perfect plan and combination of fitness, health, and nutrition for my goals and needs. 

Maybe I won't be able to get the dream body I want for my vacation by mid December, BUTTT I know that if  I stick with this till then, and through the New Year! I'd be so proud of myself!
New Year, new goals, new ME

Also, I think if I stuck this out, it'd be a fantastic birthday present TO MYSELF! January 2nd baby!! Like, "Hey GREAT JOB. Happy birthday, here's your goal body that you've worked SO hard for!" <3 

I'll try to update my Instagram more often with my meals and workouts for you guys so that you can see what I'm doing to change my body! 

When I started my lifestyle change in May, it took me around
2 months (around July) to truly like the way my body looked! Before I got emaciated-looking, and when I was leaner than I am now.

This is my new IPhone Background:

The top quote was posted by Christina on her instagram and I loved it! It's so true! It's all about that consistency and staying FOCUSED. That's how I was before I left school, and that's when I saw the most results! So I'll basically be trying to get the motivation I had in the summertime back, but I'll be doing it RIGHT this time around! No starvation, no low calories, no not lifting weights!
This time around I'm so excited to see the results that comes with this new dedication and motivation! 

If I can stick with it for just 2 months, heck, stick with this for just ONE month, then I'll have
won. I'll have defeated my "current bad eating habits and ways" self.

Looking forward to the
future to get a better version of the body of my past to beat the cheating/unmotivated mindset of the now.

Wish me luck.
#OperationS = ON

Disclaimer: I am not a personal trainer or nutritionist and do not provide meal plans or workout plans for anyone other than myself. In order to find out your goals and other nutrition and health information, use sources such as google,, and the like!


  1. I loved this post babe! It's really amazing to see all the photos and the progress you have made. Don't be so hard on yourself, you look great still and just imagine all that beautiful muscle underneath that TINY bit of extra weight you are carrying. You are absolutely gorgeous and inspirational. I love the concept of operation sexy (even though you are already stunning in my opinion silly girl!). You can do this and I am going to be here with you every step of the way. Keep your head up you amazing lady! <3 xo

    1. You seriously don't even know how grateful I am that you're being so supportive for me! You literally always know how to make me smile and feel good about myself! I love love love youuuuu! <3 :]

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