Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving feast-ivities

Happy Thanksgiving fellow #fitness lovers!
I was reading Cassey's, over at blogilates, new post and she wrote this awesome-ness in it:

"Today is a day about feasting, family, and fun! Enjoy and embrace the holidays and don’t you dare for one second feel guilty about eating!!!! Either eat in moderation or promise to work out hard the next year! It’s YOLO time."

I absolutely love it! This isn't the time to feel guilt and horrible regret, it's about being with your family and loved ones and celebrating happiness and reunions and love! If all you think about is regret after you have a "cheat", then that's not really a healthy lifestyle is it? 

In a lifestyle change like this, you have to remember that you have the REST of your life to get to your goals. Don't think of the short term, think of the long term! If you mess up one day, it won't ruin all the progress you've made. 
Lifestyle is about moderation, not deprivation! If you deprive yourself, it's just another diet. If you don't enjoy the foods you're eating, it's just another chore. You have to truly delve into it and make it work for you, work in your schedule, your life, in a comfortable, "I can do this for the rest of my life" kind of way.

This seems kind of random and tangent now doesn't it?

Back to the main point:
DON'T wallow in guilt after your little indulgences today! You know why? Because it's one day out of the week, one day out of the many days you have in your long beautiful lives that you can use to bounce back. It's a lifestyle. We'll have slip-ups, which is normal. No one is perfect. 
Tomorrow is a brand new day to start new! Isn't that great? To know that one day won't change you forever?

Enjoy the great motivational quotes I found on moving on without regret

Ok now MY confession time.

I haven't been able to keep up with workouts at home while I've been back for break like I planned. I really don't have any excuses as to why I haven't been, I'm sorry for the let down #fitfam :(

I just have not been feeling too motivated as of late due to stressful situations in my personal life, so that makes a very unmotivated, lazy me. 

And I did indulge today! WHAT? No workouts, and indulgences? YES SIRRRR. And you know what? NO REGRETS, NO GUILT. No driving myself crazy.

And actually, now I'm even more motivated than ever to get back and bust out a hugeeee sweat once I'm back at school. With new motivation, glycogen stores all full of those carbs, I'm ready to kill it! 
I'll blog another post tomorrow about my progress, or lack of progress (!) since August, and how I plan to bounce back from the setback I've had for a few weeks.

So I'm just going to continue enjoying myself at home while I can, and then I'll be back at it once I have access to a gym again. I know, I just made a post about how I need to stop saying "Oh I'll start tomorrow" but hey, I'm only human ok? I'm Sorry :( Not being the most #fitfluential right now! But this time, it's for REAL
Promise! You all will keep me accountable ok? 

But for now, here's some delicious Thanksgiving #foodporn for you all, Asian style :P Haha, no Turkey here!

Lunch: grilled Rock fish with mushrooms onions dill and rice noodles over it that we wrapped in lettuce wraps and side of yams and potato! Dessert was delicious mochi ice cream!

Heating up the Peking Duck! MM one of my faves.

Vietnames lotus and shrimp and jellyfish salad!
Dinner: Peking Duck, some Vietnamese banana wrapped goodies, grilled shrimp, crab legs, the Viet Salad, and slice of Pumpkin pie!
AND the oh so delicious Food baby picture:

Stay tuned for my post tomorrow on how I'll be turning this setback into a comeback!!!

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