Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Synergenics Preworkout Review & QUAD WORKOUT

On the 4th day of #operationsxy, my true love gave to meeee...... A BANGING PRE WORKOUT.


That can describe how I felt after I took:

Workout Mode - Synergenics

I was sent two 6 packs of this "Workout Mode" by Synergenics the other week and got to give them a little try! Here's what one of their helpful reps sent me by email:

"One of the main differences is that it is not stimulant based nor are there any
"proprietary blends". This means you will not feel it with a racing heart,
tingly skin, or jittery feeling nor will you experience a crash afterward.
[My input: AWESOME, I've been looking for a preworkout without these side effects!]
What you will notice is an increase in your strength and stamina during your workouts (especially towards the later stages when you need it most), as well as a quicker recovery between sets and from day to day.

Workout Mode can be taken as often as you wish (multiple times a day if you wanted to) and doesn't need to be cycled.  Workout Mode starts to take affect within minutes, so it can be taken within minutes of the start of
your workout.  Each ampoule of the formula lasts for approx. 90-120 min."

My thoughts:
I thoroughly enjoyed this preworkout! I hate that jittery itchy tingly feeling that others give me and this had NONE of that, SO AWESOME! I couldn't really FEEL any effects throughout my workout, but I did notice it WORKING. "Feel" as in no heart palpitations or crazy fast breathing, but I NOTICED it because I was able to do more reps than usual, and lift HEAVIER than usual, and I reached a new personal best on my leg press! YIPEEEE
So glad that they gave me a pack so that I can KILL a bunch more workouts!
I also loved the fact that I didn't have to take it 30 minutes before I workout. Literally got out of my car, followed the directions and took it, and then went straight to the gym! I'm kind of impatient, so this part was especially great :]

Hopefully soon I'll be able to do a giveaway for some lucky winners!!! :P
Check out their website here!

My eats:

Omelette with kale and mushrooms with flax oil
8 oz steak round with bok choy
Mahi Mahi with broccoli, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, seasoned with cayenne turmeric and garlic parsley powder.


Quads & Calves

Here is my Quads and Calves workout from today that you all were interested in! The way I burn so many calories is to keep my heart rate up during my whole workout! I try to rest for as little as possible between sets, and during those rests I like to incorporate plyo moves like air squats, tuck jumps, frog jumps, etc, and also I love medicine ball alternating pushups, those raise my heart rate real fast!
Give it a try and let me know what you think!


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