Monday, August 5, 2013

Oxyshred Review & MGN Sponsored!

Muscle Gauge Nutrition Sponsored News and A Review for Oxyshred!

So thought I'd share more about OxyShred by EHPLabs since you all asked about it!

Been taking it for about 2 weeks now! Only about 1/2 scoop before my workout (they recommend 1 in the morning and 1 in the afternoon if you're training) and I've only been using it basically as a preworkout! But it does have additional fatburning effects!

I love the ingredients, seriously GO HERE and you'll see they are amazing fat burning ingredients!!

And it's NOT a heavy stim which is great! Because I hate the jittery itchy feeling some energizers give.

I have the KIWI strawberry Flavor and it's DELICIOUS. Highly recommend, but I hear allll their Flavors are amazing.

As for the energy, I always always get an awesome sweat and feel like i can keep pushing through! For the fatburning effect, I think it's working! My coach said that I lost a pound of pure fat this past week which is AWESOME!
SOOO taking ANY products doesn't allow you to sit idle and not workout or eat right. You HAVE to have your exercise and food in check, because there's no magic solution for laziness! But this does give pretty awesome benefits and I'm loving how im progressing little by little each week! Check out more info on HERE!

Happy to share that I'm being sponsored by MUSCLE GAUGE NUTRITION!!!

Lots of you ask what my favorite protein is, and I absolutely LOVEE LOVE LOVE this protein - the Flavors are incredible (I never have to add additional sweetener or anything because the flavor is SO powerful!) and I love the nutritional profile!

If you haven't yet, check out my review on them HERE.

I use their protein in ALLLL my baking! I'm obsessed with their pure isolate - 110 calories, 0 fat, 0 carbs, pure deliciousness!

If you want to order anything, use my code "VMFITNESS" for 20% off at!


  1. Kiwi strawberry sounds delicious!

  2. I follow you on IG and must say that you are an inspiration! But I'm beginning out and want to change my lifestyle towards a healthy one. Where do you recommend I start and what should I try? I've seen all sorts of posts out there about supplements to try, proteins, smoothies, etc. and feel slightly lost. I enjoy my time at the gym but need more energy during the day and want to see better results. Is there any suggestions that you might have.

    1. hey there! i know there are great programs online for free that give you a little push in the right direction!
      go look up some great workout routines on!
      as for food, you don't need to supplement too much. just keep a healthy diet and you'll get most of your essential nutrients that way!

  3. Firstly, congrats on the sponsorship! You have an amazing bod and you deserve it!

    Are you still using OxyShred? Was there any reason why you took it as a pre-workout instead of in the morning and afternoon as directed? This is interesting and I think i might try this too!

    1. thanks so much! and i just loved the feeling i got from it when i took it! and it gave me great energy :) i also didnt want to overdo the caffeine on my body either!

  4. Is this product gluten free? I've seen so many amazing results from this.

  5. You are my inspiration gal you have given such a nice review about the product..I love the results I have got from the supplement . I followed the instructions given on the product and took half a scoop in the morning and half a scoop in the afternoon.