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Rise Bars & Back Workout!

Even though I'm not doing daily updates for #operationsxy anymore, I hope you all are still along for the ride!!! 
Is everyone rising to their goals and beating dirty eating, weak will power, and flubby fat in the butt?!?!
I hope so!!!!! The photos on instagram under the hashtag are looking AMAZING!

Today I posted a picture of my current back on Instagram and you all were giving me such nice compliments and comments, thank you SOOOOO much! You all ROCK! Go to the bottom of post to see my typical Back workout!


Speaking of RISING to the occassion.....

 Rise Bars


Why Rise Bars?
  • Gluten free
  • 100% organic
  • Vegan choices
  • All natural ingredients!
  • No preservatives, non GMO, non sulfured fruits!
  • Vegetarian!

Seriously: look at these INGREDIENTS! They are SO CLEAN! Literally like all countable on my fingers! And all natural! Amazingggg.




Rise Breakfast Bar makes morning say, "Go!" It's sweet, with hearty chunks of fruit and nuts to keep you moving through the most important part of your day.

Crunchy Macadamia Pineapple: This was the first flavor I tried out of all of them! I brought it to work hoping to ward off any hunger cravings! At only 160 calories, this bar was AMAZING and kept me satisfied! So delicious. I loved the crunchiness from the macadamia and sesame seeds, and also the chewyness of the fruit like the dates and pineapple chunks! The flavor of pineapple wasn't tooo strong however. It was mostly an overall "sweet" flavor, mostly due to the dates.

Crunchy Perfect Pumpkin: Hmmmm this one was an interesting one for me... If I were you, I wouldn't smell it :P Just something about the smell of it was odd to me! I'm usually a pumpkin person and I always bake with it! But this wasn't one of my favorite flavors unfortunately... There were pumpkin seeds and also cranberry bits in there! You could taste the sweetness of the cranberries which was nice, but again, it was one of my least fave flavors. 

Crunchy Honey Walnut: The main flavor I first taste are the dates because of how naturally sweet they are! Then you get the crunch of the walnuts and sesame seeds and then the light sweetness of honey. I felt the most flavor did come from the dates. There is also a sort of raisiny smell to it. I did love how you can actually see the walnut chunks in it! Love how these bars have such few, but clean and natural, ingredients!

Crunchy Cashew Almond - This tasted and felt like a crunchy honey grainy nutty combo! Hahaha try saying that 10x fast! There was a sort of honey glaze holding it all together and inside was crispy rice, which made the bar crunchy. Me likey.

Crunchy Cranberry Apple: Main thing I noticed when I first bit into this were the almonds! Yum yum yum. Then the slightest hint of apple and when you get to the little chunks of cranberries, they tasted like craisins! 



Rise Energy+ Bar is 100% organic, made with blended superfruit and nuts, full of fiber and antioxidants to fuel you through the rest of the day.
Raspberry Pomegranate - This bar was nice, soft and chewy. You get a different kind of crunch because of the little pomegranate seeds in the bar. The apple chunks  add a sweet little tarty-ness flavor to the bar, so it's not too overbearingly sweet.. There were also surprisingly coconut flakes in it! Which gave it a nice tropical hint of flavor. The overall texture was kind of gritty because of the pomegranate seeds, and I found that a few get stuck in your teeth!

Blueberry Coconut - MMMM I love my coconut flakes! These were also my room mate's favorites! [He helped me out a bit on these bars!] This bar was soft and chewy from the dates. The blueberry flavor wasn't too powerful because the date flavor took over. I think I could see the blueberries, but I couldn't taste them that much! The coconut flakes gave it a nice crispness and crunch!

Coconut Acai - This bar also had those delicious coconut flakes! Along with the sweet tasting acai, and again, the overpowering dates flavor. There were also almond chunks inside which I liked! The texture and flavor can be described as
chewy and fruity instead of crunchy and nutty, like the breakfast bars were.

Cherry Almond - This bar was great because of all the almond chunks that were inside! Gave it a great crunch. There were also bits of soft, chewy, chery chunks! 

Apricot Goji - This bar had apricot cashew aroma! It was not too chunky. The taste was very comparable to the cashew butter that I had received from Artisana for their review! And I'm in LOVE with that cashew butter - ahh the taste is so
sweet and buttery!



Rise Protein+ bar is designed to make good workouts great. It's a super clean formula that delivers a big protein boost with five ingredients or less.

Crunchy Carob Chip - You get a great crunch from almond chunks! But the bar itself is somewhat chewy. What I did was warmed it up for a bit in the microwave, and what came out?? An almost brownie-like bar! It just melts on your tongue! And it was not overly sweet at all! Especially when warmed up!

Almond Honey - This has to be my FAVORITE bar out of all the bars I sampled! It was a chewy, sweet, bar, that seriously tasted EXACTLY like almond butter And yes, I'm an almond butter addict, I ADMIT IT! And it only has three ingredients! Almonds, Honey, and Whey Protein! Super clean, soft chewy goodness! It's not chunky because there are no chunks of nuts in it, but it literally taste like I scooped out natural almond butter and put it in bar form. Uhm.. YYUUUUMMMM. There was some oil coming off on the outside, I think mostly because of the main ingredient being almonds, so the healthy oils were coming out!

Overall Review:
The breakfast bars were all great and nutty, definitely a great snack to have at the start of your day to keep you powering through work or school, or any activities you have planned!
The energy bars were all all gooey and fruity chewy. These will definitely keep you energized because of all that natural sweet sugar from the fruits! The only complaint I have about these is that for most of the bars, the dates were very overpowering to the rest of the flavors in the bars! And beware, they're very sticky hehee!
The protein bars would be SOO great preworkout for an amazing energy boost, or post workout because it's full of great protein that'll go straight to building those gorgeous muscle you've been working SO hard for!

Favorite: Almond Honey
Least Favorite: Crunchy Perfect Pumpkin

In all? I absolutely LOVE these bars. Yes some flavors more than others, but still, they are pretty amazing in my book. CLEAN ingredients, NO ADDED ARTIFICAL ANYTHINGS, Gluten free! Perfect for me!! I'm going to have to go to the store now and pick up a few boxes...

Thank you SO much Rise bars for letting me try your amazingly clean eating and healthy snacks! 
 Go check out their site HERE and their online store HERE! 


Here are the usual moves I do for back workouts! Try it out and let me know what you think! Remember, go as HEAVY AS YOU CAN until the last rep is almost impossible! Haha, that's what I do, Or I go till failure! That's the only way to change! Make your body UNCOMFORTABLE!


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