Friday, December 14, 2012

Updates :P

Sorry for the lack of daily posts everyone! Finals have been keeping me BUSY BUSY BUSY! But thank GOODNESS IT IS FRIDAYYYYY. One last final and then I'm home bound! Wahooo! So excited.... except not for the fact that I have to be up at 2 a.m. tomorrow to drive 3-4 hours for a Summer Internship Job interview. :O OH LAWDDD someone help me.
Ahhh Oh well I'll take a power nap in the car ride! 

So update on myy status after that binge post! I'm so glad I could be open about my struggles with you all and that I could help out in any way! I think it's important for people to know that they're not alone, especially in times like this, it's always good to know that someone is struggling right along with you, but with some help and support and researching your problem, you can make it through!
UCK - so sorry if you commented on the binge post, for some reason none of the comments were showing up! GRRRRRR. Blogger needs to fix that right up please!

So what am I doing right now? How am I eating? Welp, the major change is:
 NO MORE carb cycling for me!  
Meg, one of my lovelyyyy beautiful and gorgeous Instagram besties, and I decided that this would be the best thing to do right now! 
I'm going to have some carbs everyyyy day. Why?
Well we realized the more carbs we eat, the LESS we've been craving them! Makes sense, because we were basically restricting ourselves from carbs, our body's main source of fuel, so depriving it just made us want more!
So now we've decided to eat what we want, when we want, of course clean things :P 
ANDD carbs just makes us HAPPIER, more energetic, and fun to be around! Trust me, you would not have wanted to be around me on those no carb days, noooo sir-eee!

That is the plan stan! Keep the carbs every day, and then whenever it IS time to lean out again, maybe I'll take up carb cycling again, or I'll still have carbs everyday, but just keep them centered around my workouts! We'll see how it goes later on down the road! And once I figure out what I'm doing, don't you worry, you'll all be the first to know ;]

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  1. Well i made this pizza yesterday and that was so delicious. I was concerned, at first that the ranch mix would be too overpowering but the sauce spreads thin enough, that it's just right. I love carrots and cauliflower but wanted it, to have a bit more going on so i added a chopped black pepper and chopped green olives.